Football tips 101 – What Makes A Wise Bettor Wise

Football betting can be very lucrative indeed, in fact, there are professional football bettors these days who make online betting or bolaindo alternate if a living. However, this depends on how you as an enthusiast gather the information you need. Aside from scouting and updates, what you need is instinct and a bit of luck. After all, gambling is a game that is based on chances. In addition, when making bets, you are can never be sure that you are going to win every single bet you make. Hence, it is wise to set a limit for yourself and stick on your bankroll.


In any forms of gambling, it all comes back to the word discipline in order to avoid being broke. True, gambling can be very addictive if you are using too much of your emotion. In most cases, a gambler will double or triple his wager so that he can recover what he lost in the previous game. As a professional bettor, you must determine where to stop. A wise bettor can say that he lost the battle but the war is far from over. When it seems that the odd is not at your side, then it is time for you to stop and try another day.

Smart money management

When betting, determine a certain amount of money you can afford to lose. This is called by many as the bankroll. Use at least 5 up to 10% of the amount of your bankroll every game. This gives you the chance not just to win money but also be entertained. Enjoy the sports betting and not just the money itself. In case that the odds are at your side, take the advantage of the momentum but not overdo it. Always stick to the amount you set and never put a wager that is well beyond your means.