5 ways to create your own family tree

We are nothing without our roots and hence every house should have a family tree. A dip into our genealogical research will reveal to us deep insights about our ancestors and old family history to help us get a clear view on our actual genesis. Are you too planning to create your family tree that you wish to circulate among your relatives in the upcoming family reunion? That’s great and there are different ways to create a family tree.

Below is a brief on 5 of them.

Tree chalkboard

Do you still have the chalkboard where your little one used to practice math in his elementary days? Well, you can have that as the canvas for your family tree now. Create the family tree chart with boxes representing the names of the ancestors and descendants. You can even create a DIY chalkboard frame by painting a cardboard surface in black. Then, you can easily stick photos of your seniors and write the name with a white color pencil or chalkboard pen. If you want a more creative expression, just draw a tree with roots visible to tag your ancestors. The apples or flowers on the tree would represent the descendants.

Use genealogy software

If you are clueless on where to start from, there are genealogy software to help you out. These programs come up with computer-generated tree charts so that you don’t have to create the chart all by yourself. If you are game with software programs and looking for a geeky solution, these software generated family-tree charts would be an amazing help. There are even some cool add-on charting tools that you can use with the genealogy software. Some of these tools are especially great when you are craving for a fancy design with the charts such as bowtie charts, hourglass charts or 9 foot masterpieces.

Generations within generations photo

This is a cool idea when you have to create a small family tree chart – say 3 or maximum 4 generations. In this case, you will have to pose the family members in a descending row where each one would be holding the picture of the immediate descendant. So, if you start with your granddad, he will be standing holding picture of your dad who would be holding your picture and you would be holding that of your child. Surely, somebody else would don the camera that day. It’s going to be a nice adorable keepsake.

Family tree chart templates

Much to your convenience, there are readymade family tree chart templates today that are amazing time and energy saving hacks. With templates, you will get readymade family tree charts which you can download online. No longer would you need to create the whole thing from start. You will simply download the template and then customize it with the name of your family members before printing it out.

Diamond tree

If you want a retro flair, get black and white photos of the family members and the entire tree would be structured in an argyle fashion. The photos of oldest generations would be at the center while that of the descendants would be at alternating sides.

So, which one are you going to follow?


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